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Dead Can Dance - Anywhere Out Of The World

And maybe it’s easier to withdraw from life
With all of its misery and wretched lies
Away from harm


Well, life keeps throwing them.  So my writing is once again on hold, until my brain starts functioning again.  I write a bit here and there if I can, but there’s too much crap going on.   My dad was rushed to the hospital on Saturday, and transferred to a nursing home yesterday.  I don’t think he’s coming home again.  At least, he shouldn’t be discharged home - he has no idea who we are, where he is, or anything.  Thanks, Alzheimer’s. 

He’s also having trouble walking because he’s so emaciated and weak, and can no longer eat solid foods, due to advanced Crohn’s disease.  Today my mom said “I don’t know him anymore.”  I know exactly what she means.  I look at this tiny shell of a man, bedridden, and wonder what in the hell happened to my father.  I can’t even say “He’s in there, somewhere” anymore and still believe it.  Whatever essence used to be my father, is gone.  It’s just that his body has not caught on to that fact yet and followed suit.

I don’t even know what to do or what to say to anyone anymore.  I just want to curl up and hide.  And I know I’ve probably lost friends because of my silence, because that’s how I deal with things.  I retreat, I withdraw, I lick my wounds.  Alone.  Because I don’t like leaning on people, I just can’t.  I was taught to just handle shit on my own and don’t bother anyone with my problems.  So…I don’t. 

Anyway.  Maybe I’d better go read something, if I can focus. 


turks reno


turks reno

This amuses me.

This amuses me.

"Cloud…you did it…"



So, I have been busy crafting Aeris’s house - this was a challenge to figure out, spatially.  If you’re familiar with the pre-rendered background in the game, from an architectural standpoint - the house makes no sense.  But, this often happens in video games!  So, I did my best to make a hexagonal house with what appears to be a mansard roof, and dormers.  The house features a bump-out, which in game I think housed a china cabinet or something like there.  Here, since I needed the house to be functional, I made a small but cozy living room.  The rest of the first floor features a very large eat-in kitchen, and a bathroom off the back.

As for the upstairs, there are three bedrooms, and as I had a bit of unused attic space, I stuck a little reading nook up there for Aeris.  I think she’d like that sort of thing, and I know *I* would like a little place to hide away and read.

Lastly, I couldn’t help but give Zack the puppy….a puppy.  A naughty little basset hound much like my own.  Zack seems rather fond of his little dog.

Meshes used in this build - too many to list!  If there are questions about anything in particular though, I will try to track things down.  But, since people often inquire where I get some of my decor, much of it is from   Great stuff, and I use it often in my lots.

Reblogging from my Simblog.   I have some more cute screenshots of Zack and his puppy.  Really, it makes sense that he would have a dog.  ^_^








[illustrated by nripperger]


reno and rude being partners in crime 。◕‿◕。